Key Pillars

I’ve had the opportunity to gain experience in all aspects of the commercial software space and have adopted the following principles that form the core of my perspective on innovation.


Generating ideas is easy; having the discipline to prioritize ruthlessly is hard. Making the effort to evaluate what is truly most important enables teams to thrive and focus on their north star.


The market landscape changes fast, and it’s essential to be nimble. Getting out of the office and exploring the ecosystem is critical to staying informed and minimizing blind spots.

Sustainable Growth

Creating an influential culture of pragmatism and commitment to the build, measure, learn loop leads to a sustainable innovation pipeline geared toward long-term growth.

The Zen Product Manager

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Our Approach

Product Strategy and Roadmap

Understand the market problems by connecting the dots of industry, customer, and technology trends, to inform the strategy and roadmap definition.

Requirements and Design

You are not your user. Get into the mind of users through a variety of research methods to create the precise requirements and designs that resonate with the end users every step of the way.


Getting a product created quickly is highly dependent on resourcing and tools. Building teams with the right skillsets and implementing the proper tools early on will help to deliver value iteratively and rapidly.


Engagement with cross-functional teams is a critical part of getting the product into buyers’ and users’ hands. Collaborating early and consistently will make the go-to-market activities smooth.


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